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Our CSA program

Become a Slice of Heaven Farm CSA member and enjoy a weekly box filled with seasonal organically grown vegetables.

Become a Slice of Heaven Farm CSA member


Being a member of a CSA is different than buying your vegetables at a store. CSAs enable a direct relationship between the farmer and the customer and bring the customer closer to the vegetables they are consuming. It’s an ideal arrangement for both the customer and the farmer. The customer receives vegetables that have just been freshly picked and they know the person who grew them. The farmer has security in knowing how many crops to plant and to harvest for their members.


Some aspects of our CSA that everyone should understand before signing up


Seasonality: Vegetables have specific seasons so everything in your CSA box will reflect which season it is. With produce being transported all across the globe, we as a nation have become accustomed to our favorite produce being available year-round in grocery stores. If you sign up for the full season share, you’ll notice that the first few boxes and last few boxes of the season are not as abundant as the summer/early fall boxes. At the beginning and end of our season, the weather is harsher and fewer vegetables grow.


Crop failure: This is a reality for every farmer, even those who spray vigorously with chemicals and fertilizers. We do our best to prevent this but occasionally we will have an entire crop get wiped out for some reason or another. This is why we don’t make any promises about what will be in your box. We just provide a list of vegetables that we will be planting.


Box contents

Each week your box will be filled with organically grown seasonal vegetables. Boxes cost $37 per week. We aim to include about 8-14 different vegetables each week. This should be enough for a 1-2 person veggie-loving household or 3-5 person household. We do not repeat the same box each week but there is less variety at the beginning and end of the season than the peak of harvest season (summer/early fall). We strive to include carrots, lettuce, greens, alliums and herbs in every single box along with a bunch of other great vegetables.

CSA box
Slice of Heaven Farm CSA box


Collard greens

Swiss chard



Head lettuces

Romaine lettuce

Bok choy



Tat soi


Vegetables we grow

Hot peppers

Sweet peppers


Lemon cucumbers


Yellow squash

Patty pan squash

Butternut squash

Spaghetti squash

Delicata squash

Pie pumpkins

Jack O'lanterns


Napa cabbage









Green onions

Green beans

Snap peas

Heirloom tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes



Snow peas







Bell peppers


CSA membership options

CSA membership is a seasonal commitment.


Full season options (May through October)

The full season will run 26 weeks, from beginning of May to the end of October. Each weekly share will cost $37 for the box of vegetables. Members who select this option should understand that over the course of the season, all boxes are not equal. The season begins with smaller boxes (there are fewer types of vegetables that can be grown in spring than later in the year) and the size and variety of the boxes increases as the harvest season approaches (summer/early fall). The end of the season boxes will reflect fall/cold-weather varietals and you will receive some storage vegetables for the winter. This is a great option for eating with the seasons!


Weekly option ($962)

You get a box of vegetables each week of the 26-week season. The full season weekly cost is $962. 

Bi-weekly option ($481)

For those who have a small household or do not think they can get through a whole box of vegetables each week, we offer a bi-weekly share option. With this option, you receive a box every other week instead of weekly. The box still costs $37 per box but the total for the season will be $481 because it's a total of 13 weeks instead of 26 weeks. 


Summer/Fall Mini-Session ($546) (July through October)

This 14-week session occurs during the peak of harvest season. It’s a great chance to try out a CSA if you aren’t sure about a full season commitment. This is a traditional CSA box which contains 8-14 different seasonal vegetables that are selected by the farmer each week. The benefit of getting CSA boxes during this time is that you will receive the full spectrum of vegetables because almost all of our crops can be grown during summer/early fall. If you like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash more than leafy greens, this option may be for you. 

CSA pickup locations


CSA boxes will be available for pick-up at one of these places:

         Wednesday afternoons on the farm in Sandy with U-pick (3-6pm)


         Fridays, Mt. Hood Farmers Market in downtown Sandy (2-6pm)


         Saturdays, Gresham Farmers Market in Gresham (8:30am-2pm)


Members will select one pick-up point for the whole season. However, you can always change your pickup location for a one-time change through the online CSA portal. 

 CSA member benefits 

If you're on the fence about joining our CSA, here are a few reasons to consider it. 

1) The most important reason is that you are doing a huge service in supporting a local farm. For farmers, farmers markets are like gambling. We pick what we think will sell and depending on the weather, events and a million other factors, we usually don't sell out and have to bring home produce which we donate to the hungry, feed our chickens with or make processed goods. By becoming a CSA member, you take the guesswork out of the farming and we get income we can count on, which helps us stay in business.  

2) You are our best customers! Because you have kindly invested in our farm for a whole season, we will treat you like royalty! You get the most beautiful vegetables and our best crops in your boxes. Some of the vegetables we grow just for our members. Our second best vegetables or excess crops will go to market, after we have treated our members to the cream of the crop. CSA members get to benefit when we have bumper crops and get special sales on bulk crops (great for canners/preservers).

3) You save money because most boxes have a $40+ value but you only pay $37 per box. So over the season, you can save a lot!

4) You connect with the person growing your food. Now you won't have to buy vegetables that came from across state lines or even across countries. Your vegetables will be grown right in Sandy by one farmer using better than organic practices. We don't use organic pesticides (yes these do exist and "Big Organic" does use them). We don't use plastic mulches that go into landfills (another common practice by "Big Organic"). We have an artesian well with some of the cleanest water on earth that irrigates our crops (instead of the nasty irrigation water that some of the flatland farms have to resort to using). 

5) You get to experiment with new vegetables (or maybe not, if you are already a vegetable connoisseur). We provide a weekly newsletter with all your vegetables that will have tips, recipes and information about your vegetables. 

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