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Who we are


We want to be part of the change that is happening against the industrial food system that is currently in place. We want to be part of the movement to help slow down climate change and set good examples for future generations. We started farming because we wanted to embrace a simpler and more meaningful lifestyle and set a precedent for our children that we are raising. We want to encourage the next generation to be connected to the planet that nurtures them, to be conscious about the resources that sustain them and to respect all living beings. We have a passion for food in all of its forms: growing it, cooking it, eating it. Farming is the lifestyle for us!


We started Slice of Heaven Farm in Louisiana in 2010 after we moved from a tiny condo in New Orleans to 17 acres in Folsom. Neither of us had ever farmed before and we didn’t even have much gardening experience. But we wanted to pursue a wholesome lifestyle for our family and contribute positively to our community, while doing something in connection with nature. We read a lot of books and just started putting our hands in the soil. A year of practicing how to grow vegetables led us to our first market (and our first child!). Each new season taught us how to be better farmers, along with much reading and attending farming conferences. By 2014 and three children later, we were selling vegetables at the best farmers market in Louisiana and working closely with a handful of restaurants in New Orleans.


In the summer of 2014, we relocated our farm to beautiful Sandy, Oregon. 2021 will be our 7th season of farming in Sandy and we love it! Our goal is to serve our immediate community and we do so by running a large CSA program and selling our vegetables at our two closest markets (the Mt. Hood Farmers Market and the Gresham Farmers Market). We strive to grow the most beautiful, delicious, nutritious and healthy produce for our community. We are a true small family farm with Mother Nature friendly methods.


Come join us and let us be your family farmer! 

Healthy eaters
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