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Are you a restaurant interested in sourcing produce from us?

We are small family farm located in Sandy, Oregon. All of our vegetables are sustainably grown using no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. Our goal is to have the healthiest product while also taking care of the soil and the ecosystem.


Working with restaurants is a high priority for us. We adore eating and cooking and we find thoughtful food and mealtimes to be the most important ritual in one’s day. Growing vegetables for restaurants and chefs is very fulfilling to us.


By working with us as a produce supplier, you will receive ~30% off retail prices and personal customer service directly with us, the owners and farmers. We can’t compete with the prices of large wholesalers because we are small family farm but the quality and freshness of our product speaks for itself. We also take pride in the personal relationships we have with our customers and love to work with you. We enjoy coordinating with chefs to grow specific crops that they may be seeking out if we can. We also make extra effort to promote our restaurant customers by mentioning them on our website and all social media venues that we use. 

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