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Our MARKET CSA program

We offer a customer-choice CSA where customers can choose the vegetables and quantities they want, giving customers ultimate control and flexibility.

Become a Slice of Heaven Farm Market CSA member

We offer a customer-choice CSA where customers can choose the vegetables and quantities they want, which differs from a traditional farmers-choice CSA, where the weekly vegetables were chosen by the farmer. The intention behind a customer-choice CSA is to allow customers the ultimate control and flexibility with their vegetables. No more missed weeks because of vacations or emergencies. No more unwanted vegetables that no one in your family will eat. Customers can pick exactly which vegetables they get, in whatever quantity makes sense for their family, and on their schedule.


The Market CSA program comes in the form of a credit account (like a gift card). Market CSA members can use their CSA credit at either of our market stands, any time of the season, for any product we have at our stand.

We offer two share sizes for the season:

  1. Pay $500 and get $525 of credit

  2. Pay $1000 and get $1050 of credit


Market CSA credit can be used for anything at our stand, including our ferments and our pure West Virginia Maple Syrup.

Additional market CSA credit can be added to your card at any time during the season.

Any remaining market CSA credit on your card at the end of the season will roll over to the next season.

Your balance is easily checked at anytime via a QR code on the back of your card.

If your card is lost, we can easily replace it with the same value it had when it was lost.


Market CSA member perks:

  • Get a bonus of $25 or $50 loaded on your market CSA card

  • Get bumper crop benefits, meaning that if we have excess crops a certain week, market CSA members can have those crops for free if they come shop at the stand that week

  • Special CSA member only event at the farm (Annual CSA pumpkin day)

  • Knowing that you are a major player in keeping our small family farm alive and in business!

How to become a Market CSA member

Market CSA cards can be purchased in person at the farm (appointment only) or by mail, February through April. We accept cash or check only for the market CSA cards. Please email Marieta at to arrange a purchase. 

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